Roz Dakin, Principal Investigator

I am fascinated by animal behaviour, how it works, and how it evolves. I completed my BSc, MSc and PhD at Queen’s University, and was a postdoctoral fellow at UBC and the Smithsonian. I am passionate about data and quantitative biology.

Graduate Students

Ilias Berberi, PhD – Social and ecological competition

Emil Isaksson, PhD – Social learning in birds

Erin Jackson, MSc – Bird migration dynamics

Courtney Donkersteeg, MSc – Exploration behaviour in hummingbirds

Caitlin Menzies, MSc – Social behaviour in turtles

Ru Ratnayake, MSc – Effects of the environment on social structure

Undergraduate Students

Augusto Urena Pichardo

Amy Bachhuber

Rebecca Moreno

Emily Cornthwaite


Undergraduate Honours Students

Justyna Fleming – Inheritance of social capital

Jessica Bellefeuille – Winter flocking in birds

Brenna Gagliardi – Scaling of social network properties

Ashley Irwin – Interpretation of data by scientists

Jenna Watson – Mate choice for social skills

Grace Simonds – Bird distributions & urbanization

Zoe Hillier-Weltman – Bird population estimates & observer age

Courtney Donkersteeg – Aerial insectivore population declines

Paisley Clunis – Reciprocity in social networks

Erin Jackson – Flight morphology and bird collisions

Undergraduate Research Awards

Eric Maquignaz – Social network properties across species, iCureus Award

Charlotte Jerome – Hummingbird foraging behaviour, DSRI Award

Kara Scott – Bird collisions with windows, iCureus Award

Volunteers and Technicians

Many thanks to Lauren Miner, Albana Berberi, Kara Scott, Kyna Crumley, Blossom Opanike, Mahmoud El-Saadi, and other excellent volunteers who have been helping with our research!