Roz Dakin, Principal Investigator (CV)

I am fascinated by animal behaviour, how it works, and how it evolves. I completed my BSc, MSc and PhD at Queen’s University, and was a postdoctoral fellow at UBC and the Smithsonian. I am passionate about data and quantitative biology.

Ilias Berberi – PhD Student

I am a PhD student researching the multivariate relationships in hummingbird flight behaviour. My research explores the influence of maximum flight performance on other aspects of flight, and whether trade-offs occur among flight behaviours. In addition to biology, I am interested in open data policies and sport science, and am a gearhead at heart.



Erin Jackson – MSc Student

I love birds (especially chickens!) and have a passion for creative writing. My research explores the impact of bird morphology on bird-window collisions, and whether particular flight-related traits contribute to species differences in collision vulnerability.




Sam Snow – Visiting Scholar

Sam is a PhD candidate visiting us from Yale University. He studies social evolution and reproductive strategies.





Paisley Clunis – BSc Honours

I will be graduating with my degree in biology and a minor in psychology in the spring of 2020 and I am completing my honours thesis in the Dakin Lab. My project explores how the stability of lekking partnerships of male wire-tailed manakins is influenced by their territory holder status and magnitude of reciprocity. My biggest interests are in behavioural ecology and all things whale related!


Courtney Donkersteeg – BSc Honours

Growing up in rural southern Ontario, when I wasn’t elbows-deep in cattail marsh catching garter snakes and frogs, I was learning about botany and wildlife from my mother and forming my own collection of feathers and animal skulls. Now nearly finished my undergraduate degree in biology at Carleton University, I’m beginning my undergrad thesis with studying the potential causes of the decline in North American aerial insectivore bird populations.



Kara Scott – BSc iCureus Research Intern

I am interested in conservation biology and has previous experience with habitat restoration. For my iCureus project I am currently studying the effects of weather on fatal bird collisions with windows.







Charlotte Jerome – DSRI Award Intern (upcoming)


Many thanks to Kyna Crumley, Blossom Opanike, Mahmoud El-Saadi, and other excellent volunteers who have been helping with our research!