Further Reading

Some of these are definitely of the Buckley’s (tastes bad, so it must make you smarter) variety, while others illustrate how much fun our topic can be.

  • Check out this article “Why are there only two sexes?”.
  • Check out this helpful essay by Matt Ridley, author of The Red Queen.
  • Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation by Olivia Judson
    Olivia Judson’s book is a compendium of Dr. Tatiana’s (a sex advice columnist, or ‘agony aunt’) columns of counsel to troubled animals over their bizarre sex problems. There is wonderful natural history and good science in the titillating tales she spins.
  • Sex, Evolution & Behavior by Martin Daly & Margo Wilson
    Wadsworth 1978. The real textbook for this course. Full of good research and interesting sidelines.
  • Sex Differences: Development and Evolutionary Strategies by Linda Mealey
    Academic Press 2000
  • Y: The Descent of Men by Steve Jones
    A popular tour of what it means to be male and masculine, from gender roles to the physics of erection.
  • Sexual Conflict by Göran Arnqvist and Locke Rowe
    Hot off the press, this is the only major survey of sexual conflict in its various manifestations. An academic monograph, it does not make light reading.
  • Sex and Evolution by George C. Williams
    One of the milestone works in all of evolutionary biology. An academic monograph, it does not make for light reading.
  • Brain Gender by Melissa Hines
    A scholarly look at human sex differences and their developmental and hormonal bases.
  • Sex on the Brain by Deborah Blum
    A well-written popular book about human sex differences, their development and regulation.
  • Sexual Selections by Marlene Zuk
    An exploration of sex in animal kingdom and a reflection on the limits to using these observations to explain human sexuality.
  • Sex Wars by Michael E.N. Majerus
    Some ultraselfish genetic elements and microbes influence the ratio of female and male offspring, usually by killing or feminizing males. See my review of this book for more detail.

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