Marking Scheme & Key Dates

  • In-class Tests: 55%
    • 15% Oct. 3 (Wed)
    • 20% Nov. 2 (Fri)
    • 20% Nov. 30 (Fri)
  • Tutorials & Assignments: 45%
    • 5% Media Critique (due in tutorial week of Sept 24)
    • 5% Mini-Review (as expert reporter; sign up for your week in tutorial)
    • 5% Short News Report (as expert reporter)
    • 10% Tutorial participation & Performance as expert
    • 20% Magazine Article due in class on Friday Nov. 23

How will the short written assignments be marked?

See this PDF file for the guidelines we will use to evaluate written work.

Late Policy

Please make sure that you address assignments in advance so that you will not fall victim to surprises. We are allowing sufficient time that we will not be sympathetic to last-minute problems with long-scheduled assignments.

The Media Critique is due in your second tutorial, during the week of Sept 24. Your Mini-Review will be due in tutorial during the week when you are assigned to act as expert reporter. Your short News Report will be due in your tutorial exactly one week after the session where you are the expert. Please note that for these short assignments, late submissions will not be accepted.

The Magazine Article is due in class on Friday Nov. 23. For this assignment only, the late penalty is 5% / day and 5% for weekends.

Extenuating Circumstances

It is inevitable in a class this size that some students will have problems that interfere with assignments or sitting for a scheduled examination. We treat each case individually and do our utmost to accommodate each person’s particular needs. However multiple choice exams are also difficult to replicate, both in terms of content and difficulty level. We therefore reserve the right to set makeup exams in alternative formats (written, oral) in instances where students miss a scheduled test.

In each case it is important that you alert Dr. Chippindale when you first recognize that a personal circumstance will affect your performance or attendance. Once an exam is written there is no possibility to reverse the grade, so if your difficulties are serious then DO NOT WRITE THE EXAM. For assignments, only serious and documented problems identified will be considered.

For more information on departmental policies regarding illness and other personal circumstances that interfere with your assignments and tests, please consult The Biology Department’s policy page.

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