Papers for the board meetings

In tutorial 2, everyone will sign up for their week to be “expert reporter” covering one of the following 5 papers. Depending on which week you choose, you’ll have a different paper assigned. This paper will be basis of your mini-review (due in tutorial the week you sign up for) and short news report (due exactly one week later). You’ll also be guiding our discussion of the paper in the board meeting tutorial. Detailed instructions are here. Feel free to have a look at the papers below…

Week 5: Roberts et al. 2012. Relationship satisfaction and outcome in women who meet their partner while using oral contraception.

Week 6: Brask et al. 2012. Social preferences based on sexual attractiveness: a female strategy to reduce male sexual attention.

Week 7: Patrick et al. 2012. Promiscuity, paternity and personality in the great tit.

Week 8: Test 2 (no tutorial)

Week 9: Mills et al. 2012. Intralocus sexual conflict for fitness: sexually antagonistic alleles for testosterone.

Week 10: Blaul and Ruther. 2011. How parasitoid females produce sexy sons: a causal link between oviposition preference, dietary lipids and mate choice in Nasonia.

3 Responses to Papers for the board meetings

  1. Hi there, my board meeting mini review is the next one up, and I know it says it is due November 8th because we don’t have a tutorial next week, but I was wondering if I have to hand it into you this tuesday anyways?
    Let me know thanks!

  2. Hi Maddy,
    I assume you mean Nov 6th…
    Your mini-review is due the day of your board meeting (Tuesday Nov 6th), and the short news report 1 week later.

    People who did their mini-review this week on great tits have to hand in their short news reports next week, even though there is no tutorial.

  3. Oh yea haha nov 6! Okay that makes sense thank you!

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