Media debate + critique

Here is the paper for the media debate in tutorial 2: Vaillancourt and Sharma 2011

Your media critique is due in tutorial next week. More on the debate here, and instructions for the media critique here.

UPDATE: Wondering what counts as a media article?

There are no hard and fast rules here. Online newspapers, magazines or news sources like CBC count. Press releases and blog posts work too. Probably the closest thing to a rule for this would be if something has a date at the top, it probably counts.

Note that just because something is online doesn’t make it a “media” article in the sense we are looking for here. For example, I wouldn’t use a Wikipedia page for this (you’re welcome to use Wikipedia as an additional reference, or as a starting point for you research, it just doesn’t really work as a media article).

Another example to consider: the Queen’s website. It’s not a newspaper or a magazine, but there is a “Queen’s News Centre” with press releases (like this one here), plus articles from the the alumni magazine, and from the campus newspapers etc… those types of media would be appropriate for this assignment.

One more example: I have a website. On it, I explain my research here, but that’s not a media article. I also occasionally write blog posts here, and they count as media articles.

You might also find video or podcast coverage, but for this assignment, we’re limiting it to print/text media articles only.

6 Responses to Media debate + critique

  1. Is the media debate for Tutorial 2 the paper that we write the media critique about?

  2. Yes, the paper by Vaillancourt and Sharma (“Intolerance of Sexy Peers: Intrasexual Competition Among Women”) is the paper that you write the media critique about.

  3. For the critique, would it be appropriate to write it as an opinion piece? Or as a more formal summation of how media articles seem to be portraying the study?

  4. Definitely an opinion piece, written in first person. We want to know what you think, and we want to see you justify it with evidence. Originality is also a good thing here.

  5. The assignment is only being handed in correct? We do not have to submit it online as well?
    Also is there any material we need to read before next tutorial, or are we just going over our media critique?

  6. Yes, you hand it in during your tutorial, in person.
    The Vaillaincourt and Sharma paper plus the media coverage = the readings for this one.

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