Biology 210 Magazine Article

Popular science writing style

Olivia Judson’s blog for the New York Times is an excellent example of the sharp-but-accurate style you should aim for, although the posts are much shorter and don’t into as much detail as you will for the assignment. Here are a couple of quick reads for inspiration:

An Evolve-By Date

Laboratory Life

Judson also lists her primary sources at the end, as further readings.

Feature-length articles

Examples of longer feature articles. This one from the New York Times covers research from the lab of Meredith Chivers, a Queen’s professor in the Psychology Department who works on sexuality and gender:

What Do Women Want?

More examples from New Scientist magazine. The first article is on sexual conflict down to the level of gametes, and the second is on same-sex behaviour in animals:

Dad vs. Mom: The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes

Homosexual Selection

And finally, another feature-length piece from Science News magazine covering the latest research and opinions about sex differences in science and math aptitude:

Showdown at Sex Gap